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Crow Wing County Uses QR Codes to Collect Feedback

crowing county qr codesA single quick response code is typically used for one-way communication or one-way flow of information. For instance, a person inside a retail store who scans a QR code on a particular merchandise gets taken to a webpage that provides additional product details. And that’s about it. Information flows from the source via QR code to the recipient or the customer.

But what if the scanner gets to send out information, too? Can one QR code serve as medium for two-way communication?

QR Coded Artwork Gains Attention at Student Sculpture Project Exhibit

sam fox qr codesSculpture students at the Washington University Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts showcase their respective talents at Washington University and University City’s 26th annual Student Sculpture Project. The project, which started April 1, includes an exhibit of selected pieces submitted by the students.

The art pieces on display include models, proposals, and even the required budgets. These selected pieces were submitted by the students to the University City Municipal Arts and Letters Commission and will remain on display to the public until September.

FRIC Disseminates Information with QR Codes

Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center QR codesThe Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center is now disseminating information via quick response codes. This as technology is shifting more towards mobile space.

The primary use of QR codes at the center is to complement an Air University library database – Transparent Language Online – allowing students to learn a new language and to practice their language skills anytime they want and anywhere they are, via their mobile devices. Aside from this, the FRIC is also testing other applications.

New Study Shows Growing Demand for QR Code Mobile Coupons

mercator advisory qr code studyIndependent U.S.-based market research and analytic company Mercator Advisory Group conducted a new study that showed a growing demand for mobile coupons. Mobile coupons is an increasingly popular trend in mobile marketing and mobile commerce, often used to encourage mobile users to scan a quick response code, or to interact with an advertisement that’s based on near-field communication.

The Mercator report stated that 55% of American consumers who use mobile devices are interested in receiving mobile coupons. However, the report also showed that it’s not all rosy.

Prototypes of Chevrolet Electronic Cars Feature QR Code

Chevrolet QR CodesWe know that Chevrolet has its own line of electric vehicles, the latest being Chevrolet Spark EV. Now each of the new Chevrolet Spark EV prototypes – of which there are six – features a quick response code that allows people to learn more about the specific vehicle. The QR codes are displayed prominently on the cars’ door panels for easy scanning using a smartphone.

Currently, the Chevrolet Spark EV cars are undergoing road testing in South California. Through the QR codes, prospective car buyers can get a closer look at the vehicles even before they are made available to the market for sale.

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Custom QR Code Designs

Services provides eye-catching, beautiful and intuitive designs for you.  We make sure that our custom QR codes match your requirements and can even match your current designs.

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