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Mobile Websites

Mobile WebThe mistake a lot of companies make when they execute a QR Code campaign is they ignore the mobile site of the campaign which is equally as important as the QR Code.

Most people who are affluent with scanning QR Codes will expect a mobilized site that leads to a dedicated mobile site. If the end users final destination is a site that has not been optimized for mobile phones and they have to scroll sideways to read the content the chances are your QR Code campaign is lost in Translation. This visitor may not come back to visit your site again and you may have lost a potential future client.

Not only can we help you with beautiful Designer QR Codes but we can also build you aesthetically pleasing Mobile Web sites which go hand in hand with your QR Code campaign.

You may have noticed how funky and functional some apps are on the iphone/android. With html5 feature we can give you these these fantastic functions which not only do they look app like but they function across all mobile phones. You do not need a seperate app for each mobile when you build a mobile optimized website!

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