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Scandinavian Airlines Launches Unique QR Code Promotion


scandinavian airlines qr codesAn airline company using quick response codes for marketing or as a tool for system improvement is no longer something new. In fact, we have previously written about Delta Airlines, which started using QR codes as digital boarding passes for passengers, and JetBlu, which used these codes for a special promo

What’s new, however, is a unique QR code promotion recently released by Scandinavian Airlines. What makes this campaign extraordinary? It requires two smartphones with a QR code reader application in order to successfully scan the code and take advantage of the offer.

More specifically, two handsets will have to be physically next to each other in order to uncover the deal. The “Couple Up to Buckle Up” is a two-for-one offer which uses two different quick response codes mainly distributed via e-mail.

So how did Scandinavian Airlines come up with this unique campaign? The airline company had obtained insight into how couples typically book their trips and leveraged on this. The airline conducted a study that found that couples are usually sitting together when making travel-related decisions and when booking their next trip.

The promotion involves over a hundred thousand e-mails sent to members, with each e-mail containing two unique codes. Scanning the codes side by side takes the couple to two different videos. These videos show the left and right sides of a split screen. And only when these two videos are viewed simultaneously as one will they make sense.

Moreover, couples who view the synchronized videos together will get the promotional code in its entirety. This discount code is required in order for the couple to take advantage of the airline’s special offer. All they have to do is enter the code when booking for any Euro-Bonus trip.

The twin QR codes offer can also be found in print ads, banners and even on Facebook.

According to the airline, all tickets that were available were sold out during the first campaign week. This only proves how successful the ingenuity of the campaign was, coupled with the perfect objective and the perfect benefit to target consumers.

Watch the video here:

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