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QR Codes Help Protect Bikes


MyBikerEgo QR codeAn Australian start-up company has come out with a way to help bike owners prevent thieves from stealing their bike and make it easier for them to retrieve it in the event that it is stolen.

MyBikeRego uses QR codes for its service. You get three QR code stickers that you stick onto your bike. These stickers are very hard to remove. And with this sort of marker, it is close to impossible for thieves to get away with stealing your bike.

The police think it is a great idea. In an interview with The Register in the United Kingdom, Australian police officer Craig McDonald admits that it is difficult for them to identify bicycles that they retrieve or recover. With the QR code stickers from MyBikeRego, all they have to do is to scan the QR code and be taken to a profile stored on MyBikeRego's servers. This would help identify the owner and provide a way to contact him or her.

That's not all that MyBikeRego does. The profile also includes other information on the owner. For instance it lists the next of kin or blood type. In the event that the biker is injured, emergency response teams and other people could just scan the QR code and access the information.

The MyBikeRego service costs $30 a year. What's next? The company is planning to release a GPS device that may be hidden in the bike's seat post. The GPS device is activated by sending a text message to it. If the bicycle starts moving, the GPS device will immediately send an SMS message to the owner. In a country where there are more bikes purchased than cars every single year, and where 1 in every 10 bikes gets stolen in the first five years, these devices are a godsend.

Yet again, we are seeing a great application for QR codes. Something similar to this has been done by MyInfo911 that used QR codes to store detailed medical information, including blood type, allergies and other conditions.

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