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Three QR Code Marketing Inspirations


inspired qr codesCustom QR Codes and have been writing a lot of stuff about QR code marketing tips, tricks, and best practices. We also think that it would be very instrumental to actually see how companies are doing it and how successful brands do their QR code marketing.

For today, we are going to share with you the various QR code successes of three biggest brands: Tesco South Korea, Chili's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The department store chain added QR codes to its display windows to catch the attention of its shoppers while also hoping to drive up mobile commerce. The QR codes gave people a choice to view a video of their famous holiday light show or go to their mobile store.

Mobile shoppers are treated to free shipping and returns if they enter the promotional code when they check out, while also highlighting the best gift ideas for women, men and other departments. They even have a gift shop tab that features top 10 or 50 lists of the best gift items.

But Saks Fifth Avenue did not stop at selling. Apart from the holiday light show video, mobile shoppers were treated to a winter themed mobile store complete with snowflakes and bubbles. In short, Saks was able to use QR codes to drive home the point that they were in the spirit of the season.

Tesco South Korea

A lot has been written about Tesco South Korea's use of QR code to let subway passengers shop while waiting for the train. Tesco's efforts still remain as the best textbook case of how to extend delivery shopping options with QR codes and how to make it more interesting.


Chili's used QR codes printed on in-store table tents and coloring sheets that made it easy for diners to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The result? Chili's was able to raise over $5 million for cancer stricken kids!

Custom QR Code Designs

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