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Marketing with Traditional and Custom Design QR Codes


QR code checklistQR codes are getting widespread use in marketing right now, especially with the emergence of custom design QR codes. Over the recent months, we have seen a lot of retailers and companies roll out marketing campaigns involving QR codes left and right.

But not all of them are successful. Why? Because it was unclear what they wanted people to do with these QR codes. Remember that QR codes, while having been in existence for more than a decade, are still a new thing for most people in the United States. As such, you would need to educate and communicate with your target audience what these codes are and what to do with them.

Furthermore, here are some pointers you should keep in mind when coming up with a QR code campaign.

1. Always test your QR code!

Whether it's your basic black and white code or custom design QR code, it will always make sense to test whether it works properly. Test using different smartphones, from iPhones, to Android phones and BlackBerrys. Go further and use different QR code reader apps such as i-nigma, NeoReader, Scanlife, and others. 

2. Make it easy for them to get a reader app.

Smartphone purchases might be increasing right now, but not all smartphones have a QR code scanner app preloaded. So it is best to have a short blurb informing interested people on how to get a scanner app. It could be something like "SMS 1234 to download a QR code scanner" Or "Go to to get your free QR code scanner." This would also help if you have a preference for a particular QR code scanner app, or if you have proprietary or custom design QR codes that work well with a particular app.

3. Include a call to action.

A call to action is something that prompts your intended audience to scan your code. Basically, you should offer them a benefit that they could not resist. Depending on what you are offering, you can include a short blurb telling them to scan the code to:

  • Watch a video of how this product was made;
  • Follow us on Twitter and get exciting updates and discounts;
  • Like us on Facebook and join in our raffle; or
  • Get more information about our product.

You should plan at length as to what content you are going to offer behind the QR code. The more thought you put into this, the higher the chances that your QR code marketing campaign will be successful. A lot of people would be curious enough to scan a QR code now, but once it becomes more commonplace, you would need to be really resourceful and creative to give them something of value in exchange for their effort, expense and time in scanning your QR code.

Quite simply, you should be very clear at what benefits your target audience would get if they scan your code. Offer discounts, information, exclusive content, coupons and other similar stuff.

4. Make sure that your landing content works.

There is no sense in making sure that your QR codes are visible or that they get scanned if you take them to the wrong page or a page that just does not work. For instance, having a QR code resolve to a website that is not optimized for display on mobile phones tantamounts to an epic fail. Or if the code takes people to pictures that are too big that they have to scroll right and down to view it, or to text that's too small to read on a small screen. It is important to have your site optimized for the mobile Web because this is where your customers will see them.

Custom QR Code Designs

Services provides eye-catching, beautiful and intuitive designs for you.  We make sure that our custom QR codes match your requirements and can even match your current designs.

Furthermore, we have a team of graphic artists who are also custom QR code design experts and have an understanding of how brands work.  We can translate your brand into your custom QR code design!